About Stitch Pro

Stitch Pro aims to provide an unparalleled experience when it comes to bespoke shirts, trousers, suits and handcrafted traditional clothing. It is enabled with the assistance of an intuitive user-interface which enables the customers to personalize almost everything about their clothing-fabrics, styles, components, accents and a lot more. You may select from a variety of fabrics manufactured by the finest textile mills around the world.

A Nex Gen venture from family-owned Jolly Group, established to serve the growing demand of men’s fashion. The Jolly Gorup has been the business of tailoring for more than three decades. We believe in providing extraordinary customer-oriented service to build long lasting relationships.

Our custom made collection of suits, shirts, trousers and traditional wear are designed for men for various occasions. We value sartorial elegance with our selection of over 500 quality special fabrics that are fully customizable depending on style preferences of our valued clients.

We endeavor to create an indulgence of the finest tailoring, with our clients in mind, we strive to maintain utmost respect for their time and work, thus we do our best to meet up with them strictly by appointment only to give them all together different level of tailoring experience in their leisure time.

Start your journey with us along with our exuberant customized clothing that are tailored to your perfection. We totally agree when they say - “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.” Our aim at Stitch Pro is the ultimate convergence of fashion infused with greatest quality and trust. Measurements are precise, our craftsmanship timeless and attention to detail unsurpassed.