Party Wear Shirts

Picking an outfit for a party or a club these days is quite a task. Knowing what to wear is a challenge in itself. Keeping this in mind the multiples avenues modern-day man has to go through, we offer custom made party wear shirts for office late night parties or clubbing with college friends. Visit our vast collection of vibrant color and dazzling fabrics which will give a rocking look.

Wearing 'off-the-rack' shirts is like abiding rules that are meant for someone else. At Stitch Pro, our customised shirts are made using the finest Egyptian, Italian, and English cottons.

We use a multitude of styles and patterns including fine 2-ply broadcloths, light weight Italian twills and fine brocade dress cottons. We offer you the convenience of customised design shirts that allow your style sense to be reflected in what you are wearing. Stitch Pro offers the most intricately made custom design shirts that give you a unique look that adds charisma to your personality.

Custom tailored shirts reflect the attitude towards life - of a person who pays attention to the things that matter. Keeping in mind the multiples avenues modern-day man has to go through, we also offer custom made casual shirts for those non-formal events like party and gatherings.

With us, you have the liberty to design the classic patterns you’ve always longed for. You can also choose from a combination of a variety of colors that make for both, formal as well as casual shirts. Experience the luxury of being measured by our style consultant and work together to plan and design a single shirt or a complete custom wardrobe.

  1. Castelmola Checks
    Castelmola Checks
    Fabric code : Sc010
    Quality : 100% Cotton/ Dobby
  2. Tarsus Red
    Tarsus Red
    Fabric code : SP013
    Quality : 100 % Cotton/Single ply/Plain
  3. Indigo Blue
    Indigo Blue
    Fabric code : SPR009
    Quality : 100 % Cotton / Single Ply/ Dobby
  4. Blue Marbles
    Blue Marbles
    Fabric code : SPR008
    Quality : 100% Cotton/ Dobby
  5. Azure Blue
    Azure Blue
    Fabric code : SP031
    Quality : 100% Cotton/Single Ply/Fil-A-Fil
  6. Trevi Mint white
    Trevi Mint white
    Fabric code : ST021
    Quality : 100 % Cotton / Single Ply/ Dobby
  7. Palazzolo Red Checks
    Palazzolo Red Checks
    Fabric code : Sc017
    Quality : 100% Cotton/ Dobby
  8. Dark Cyan Stripes
    Dark Cyan Stripes
    Fabric code : SS004
    Quality : 100 % Cotton / Single Ply/ Dobby
  9. Bascili Blue
    Bascili Blue
    Fabric code : ST012
    Quality : 100 % Cotton / Single Ply/ Dobby
  10. Circle Print
    Circle Print
    Fabric code : SPR005
    Quality : 100 % Cotton / Single Ply/ Dobby
  11. Ivory Introdacqua
    Ivory Introdacqua
    Fabric code : ST018
  12. San Lorenzo Checks
    San Lorenzo Checks
    Fabric code : ST007
    Quality : 100% Cotton/ Dobby